Using osom.me via sms, #commands

To post status update 
Any sms to osom.me that doesn't begin with #, is treated as post, e.g. Just woke up, hungry, sleepy, happy! will be posted on your timeline for friends to see. Any command begins with #, e.g. #help

To invite/accept friends
To sucessfully use osom.me you need only 3 commands: #invite, #yes, #no
#INVITE NAME NUMBER - invite new friend
#YES - accept latest invite
#YES NUMBER - accept invite from NUMBER
#NO NUMBER - decline or cancel invite, or remove confirmed friend

Here NAME is a nick you give to your friend, max 12 latin chars, beginning with letter, symbols not allowed, visible to friend. NUMBER is international notation without "+" e.g. in LV it is 3712xxxxxxx

  • you get first invite - reply to osom.me #yes to accept it. 
  • you want to invite John to be your friend - reply to osom.me #invite John 3712*******
  • you decide to cancel invitation to/from John - reply to osom.me #no 3712*******
  • you received 2 invites: from Jack (37121111111) and from Ann (37122222222). You want to accept Ann, but ignore Jack. reply to osom.me #yes 37122222222
  • if you just received just one invite, or you received several invites but want to accept the latest one - reply to osom.me #yes without any number.
Direct messaging
To send private messages to a friend begin message with @username , e.g.
@john private message visible only to you and John

Other useful commands, but no need to memorize them
#LISTFRIENDS - list confirmed friends
#LISTINVITES - list any invite sent or received by you
#NAME NEWNAME - change own nick
#RENAME OLDNAME NEWNAME - rename friend, visible only to you

#REG - generate new password for web access
#SILENCE [x] - silence sms notificatons [for x hours]. If you ever send any sms to the service, notifications will resume again

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