Using osom.me in browser

Once you replied #yes to invite, we send you password. Now, go to beta.osom.me and login with your mobile phone number with country code, but without plus. For Latvia, this is 3712xxxxxxx. Use password from sms.

If you ever forget password, send #reg to osom.me mobile number to generate new password. 

When you logged in, click on own username (upper-right corner) and set own avatar and if you want, change your password here. 

Next step is to invite more friends. Trust me on this, it is more fun with friends. 

For each friend, enter mobile number in international notation, but without plus. For Latvia, international dial code is +371, mobile numbers are 2*******. So, enter their number as 3712******* and set friends' name (max length 12 symbols, only letters and numbers allowed, should begin with letter). Choose name carefully, your friend will see it in the invitation. If you have more than one friend with same name, try to differentiate, e.g. JohnA and JohnFK

Invited friends will appear in the list of invitations. They will receive sms the same way you did. You might want to call your friends personally and help them signup with osom.me. Once they accept your invitation, you'll receive notification or sms and they will appear in the list of confirmed friends. Any invite can be cancelled by clicking "Cancel" at any moment.

If friend is confirmed, you can edit their nickname, or choose to unfriend them :(

Now it is time to post update. Here is a good one to begin with

Enjoy, visit often, and help your friends to start using osom.me.

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