Dear Google, may I suggest ...

Hello, dear Google.

I am loyal user of your services. I do not really care about recent privacy policy changes. I care about getting more value in less time from you. I gave you my phone book and calling and texting history (through my android phone). I gave you my email address list and correspondence history (via gmail and apps), my checkins through google maps and foursquare. You also can extend a little effort to see who my friends are on facebook and whom I follow and who replies to me on twitter (because I chose to sync this info to my phonebook). 

So, you know who, when, how often. You must be able to sort my friends automatically into most basic circles, like colleagues (people to whom I call during office hours and almost never on evening or weekend, I also send them xls and doc files), hobbists (all belonging to some strange forum or club), old pals (photos and youtube sharing, midnight calls, etc.), parents&family (yep, surname match, photo sharing, late calls), my best and closest friends (how about 30 minutes phonecalls on weekends, sitting together in a pub on friday night, etc.)

And having all this info, you come up with google+, emphasizing lol-video and photo sharing. Hmm. How about attacking facebook where it hurts, using data that they'll never have until they are baked into some mobile OS? Suggest automatic circles for me. Feed me news and photos from people in my phonebook. Prioritise those that I talk to or comment on, or meet in person.

Then I might give another chance to g+

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