Facebook's weakness is inherent in its strengh

However, the success of Facebook is what is killing Facebook. Near its inception, college friends would post photos and inside jokes with each other. They would meet acquaintances through Facebook that would ultimately become real friends. Now, it seems that literally everyone and their mothers has a Facebook account. The average number of ‘friends’ is now 130 and climbing – personally, I have found that most of my ‘friends’ have at least double that amount. It’s become a social norm to connect on Facebook, and seen as almost rude if a friend request is denied. 
Author argues that Google has got circles right. Maybe. But Google+ started with very complex proposition for users, throwing them into managing all their circles at once. It is very good for managing communication between different medium-far circles, like your sport team vs. work colleagues vs. old school buddies. However, it does not take into account, that different proximity circles will use different communication tools and techniques. And Google is yet to convince normal users (not IT geeks, who jumped onboard and queued for invites) to create profile at Google+. 
We try to go between Facebook and Google+ by concentrating on being the simplest and most useful tool for communicating with the closest friends. That's our chance.

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